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Adhering to the business philosophy, GZS has passed nearly 30 years.

        GUANGDONG ZHUJIANG SWITCHGEAR CO., LTD was built, and started to produce and sold LK18 leakage protection switch, committing to the low voltage electrical switch leakage protection technology in the urban and rural areas, especially in rural areas.
From the mid and late eighty’s, low voltage switch electrical product specification, species gradually expanded, and a full range of products and services were offered to customers. Enterprise scale was expanding fast.

◎Nineties         Gradually stepped into the low voltage complete sets of equipment and manufacturing of medium voltage switch element, and GZS was listed as one of the original machinery industry, high and low voltage switch designated production enterprise of ministry of power industry; supplying for the power supply bureau and other major customers with XGN2-10 enclosed medium voltage switchgear ( The core element type ZN28 indoor vacuum circuit breaker was awarded a gold medal at a Eureka Expo) and a series of domestic leading technical level and excellent performance, excellent quality of products. Market share expanded rapidly, annual sales were rapidly doubling in several years.
2000years         Transition, the board of the new leadership began a series of reform of the enterprise management, "focus on customers needs" and "technological innovation" as the fundamental guiding ideology to formulating business development strategies, introducing modern business model, making great efforts to reduce operating costs, and improving efficiency.
2001years         Company was qualified as ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system dual certification enterprises; which promoted internal management scientifically, standardized, gradually improved to provide products and services management system to customers.
◎2002years         After the review GZS was identified as high-tech enterprises in Guangdong province. In the same year it was rated as Chinas outstanding private technology enterprises. Enterprise struck to increasing investment in science and technology, and laid a solid foundation for future innovation.
2003years         Company restructured, and became a real sense of private enterprises. Besides, GZS built a new manufacturing base in Sanshui Industrial Park, further enhanced enterprise strength.
2004years         Established smart R&D center and began to research and develop intelligent power supply technology products; "Guangdong Zhujiang Switchgear" brand won the title of "Guangdong famous trademark". Based on this platform, the company made efforts to provide customers with a higher technological and qualified products and services. 
2005years         GUANGDONG ZHUJIANG SWITCHGEAR CO., LTD, was identified as provincial enterprise technology center, and undertook the research and development of major equipment and key areas of Guangdong province technology innovation project - "intelligent distribution industrialization technology".
         Enterprise developed on-line temperature measuring device, provided customers with solution that "monitoring switches equipment abnormal temperature, preventing the problems advance".
2006years          GUANGDONG ZHUJIANG SWITCHGEAR CO., LTD was identified as national torch plan, automation machinery and equipment industrial base backbone enterprises, manufacturing informatization engineering demonstration enterprises in Foshan. GZS developed intelligent arc-failure Circuit breaker, monitoring on-line for electric circuit arc fault caused by damage, poor contact, which could prevent the electrical fire hazard.
2007years         GUANGDONG ZHUJIANG SWITCHGEAR CO., LTD was recognized by Provincial department of science, planning and economic and trade commission for intelligent distribution engineering technology research and development center. We developed the intelligent power distribution equipment failure hidden trouble diagnosis device, which can help customers to monitor public electricity room switch equipment effectively, and will find and solve all the problems in the bud stage, truly realize the unattended maintenance.
2008years         According to the newly issued "the recognition of hi-tech enterprises management approach" GUANGDONG ZHUJIANG SWITCHGEAR CO., LTD was identified as high-tech enterprises in Guangdong province. Enterprise developed intelligent automatic switch cabinet that could eliminate the operator for the personal injury caused by wrong operation effectively.
2009-2010years         GUANGDONG ZHUJIANG SWITCHGEAR CO., LTD was allowed to set up post-doctoral workstations. GZS developed series of intelligent lighting products, not only to provide customers with more energy-saving lamps, but also can convert, personalized lighting model of lighting system.
2011years         GUANGDONG ZHUJIANG SWITCHGEAR CO., LTD passed the review by Guangdong province high and new technology enterprise. The heat pump hot water supply remote monitoring system was developed, providing customers with "low input but comprehensively solve schools hot water supply problem" intelligent technical support.
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